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Tongling SiDe Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, is located in sierra leone economic development zone, tongling city is the only one with full functions of electrostatic coating manufacturers, the main valve industry supporting the city industry and vehicle electrical accessories, lamps and lanterns, the city for the anhui hongxing valves, tongling tianhai fluid control co., LTD., tongling three pole lighting co., LTD., found three good extrusion mould co., LTD., companies such as surrounding areas for wuhu xin cheng lighting lamps and lanterns of steel rod co., LTD., south, seiko valve factory, more than 90% products for export products.

Company's existing environmental protection automatic electrostatic coating production line 2, the total assets of 1.89 million yuan, the total number of staff 35 people, including 13 people, college degree or above accounted for 37% of the total number of employees; 2013 output value 5.4 million yuan, pay tax 236000 yuan, up 171% over last year's GDP ($3.15 million), a tax (120000 yuan) increased by 195%.

Company in 2011 by provincial department identified as "high-tech enterprises" (certificate no. : GR201234000132); Has 2 invention patents (patent no. : 201310413145 X, 201320487719.3), 6 utility model patents (patent number: ZL201320487717.4 ZL201320487743.7 ZL201120021625.8 ZL201122021479.9 ZL201120021444.5 ZL201120021426.7), the main products of low temperature curing type E type epoxy resin, environmentally friendly epoxy resin cement, 2013 by the provincial department identified "high-tech products in anhui province", the certificate no. 341313430018, 341313430017201, the third session of the "star of copper is youth entrepreneurship", in 2011 in anhui province "the province's top ten star of entrepreneurship" for the disabled, in 2011 attains the lion mountain "technology innovation advanced individual" title.

Company has a professional r&d team 5 people (including 1 part-time staff), constant exploration, innovation, new materials and new technology in the field of electrostatic coating, at the same time a special technology research and development funds every year 40-600000 yuan output value (10%), professional for for steel, stainless steel, plastic and other materials of different components of the coating material formula technology research and development, the technical modification, the company has obtained a patent on the basis of all concrete achievements transformation, and strengthening the internal management and standardize the detailed customer service process, from aspects and so on technology, quality, price and service advantages, form a complete set of large enterprises to export products make the enterprise expanding the production scale, and further enhance the product service brand and market share, in the continuous technological innovation, r&d, quality service, the company has now become a tongling city electrostatic coating industry the only large-scale, environmental, specializing in the production of service providers in advanced technology, complete functions, showing obvious economic benefit, social benefit and development prospect.