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Using electrostatic spraying equipment, how to effectively prevent the happening of the accident

ADD:admin     AddDate:2014-07-30

Compared with the traditional manual spraying electrostatic spraying equipment, greatly improving the production efficiency, saving human resources. Although plastic spraying equipment is easy to operate, but in operation if improper operation will lead to fire and explosion accidents. Fire and explosion appeared in the process of construction, not only threatens the safety of construction personnel, also caused a great loss to the enterprise. Therefore, when using electrostatic pensu equipment safety is of vital importance.

Electrostatic spraying equipment for the cause of the accident because of powder coating flammable substances, with the possibility of burning explosion; 2 it is in the normal spray, if improper spraying device of electrode and workpiece spacing, sparking discharge can occur phenomenon; Three is spray powder in powder mixed with air, if recycled air volume is not enough to cut powder mixed with air concentration, under the allowable concentration is easy to achieve explosive concentration limit, can cause explosion.

For the cause of above pensu equipment safety accidents, we in finishing homework, should decorate on the upper side of the factory perennial minimum frequency direction, and before the factory area, crowded places, high cleanliness requirements to set aside enough safe distance between factory.

Also required operators must be familiar with the equipment system, including emergency relief facilities, fire control facilities and alarm device, and proficient in operation. Homework personnel to receive training before mount guard, understand the equipment safety performance, consciously abide by rules of safe operation. Operators must be familiar with observe personal labor protection knowledge, the requirement in the dust cleaning dust measures. Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, ensure the equipment running in good condition.

By means of electrostatic spraying equipment factory layout and construction personnel professional training, can greatly reduce the happening of the accident. In daily construction process, must be in strict accordance with the construction process, must not produce irreversible loss because of carelessness.