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Electrostatic spraying equipment in the process of spray produced by a large number of powder should be how to recycle?

ADD:admin     AddDate:2014-07-30

As we know, electrostatic spraying equipment mainly to powder coating on the surface, using static electricity to make it stick on the workpiece. In the process of spraying, electrostatic spraying equipment will inevitably produce some powder, the powder production not only waste the resources, also caused certain pollution to the environment. This needs us to certain recovery powder, in order to reduce waste and pollution. So, what are the main recycling way? Here, we introduce the following two types of recycling.

First, the cyclone separate recycling equipment. This device mainly is to make the rotary motion, powder under the action of centrifugal force, achieve the goal of powder coating and the flow separation. Depending on the cyclone separate powder recovery unit structure, the powder recovery generally can reach 80 ~ 90%, in order to meet environmental protection requirements, separation of the fine powder particles, guarantee the discharge air is clean, electrostatic pensu equipment in a whirlwind of separate recovery unit discharge side need to increase the secondary filtering device to meet the requirements.

Second, the filter type powder recovery unit. This method is mainly the powder flow through a certain microporous filtration material, achieve the purpose of gas and solid separation, but this device can cause tiny holes in the filter material easy to jam, causing recycle flow decreases, and recycling.

Third, the pulse counter blowing type filter unit. Mainly using the pulse counter blowing regular cleaning adsorption in microporous filter material particles, keep the air flow, to maintain a constant recycling effect, according to the size of the powder particles, choosing the appropriate filter material, the powder recovery generally can reach 98%.