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Interpretation of the characteristics of electrostatic spraying equipment assembly line and use skills

ADD:admin     AddDate:2014-07-30

Electrostatic spraying equipment assembly line is the protective layer or decorative layer on the surface of a metal and nonmetal dedicated line tool. Electrostatic spraying equipment assembly line equipment is suitable for the spray paint on the surface of the workpiece, pensu processing, can also be used for single piece or small batch workpieces coating operations, together with the hanging conveyor, rail cars, such as ground conveyor transport/mechanical forming operations.

In our coating industry, the emergence of electrostatic spraying equipment brought great convenience to our work, save our work efficiency greatly, especially the application of the auto industry, make our coating quality more excellent, realize the real integration of spray paint. When we were in the use of electrostatic spraying equipment coating, need to master certain skills to grasp his use scale, painting out good product.

When spraying under a pressure on a part of a smile: so as not to appear leakage phenomenon. Electrostatic spraying equipment of spray order: difficult before they are easy, after the first. Spray nozzle and some surface from 300-300 mm advisable: shoulds not be too close also shoulds not be too far, and the nozzle surface remote mist cause waste in flying on the way.