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How to correctly use and maintenance of spray gun

ADD:admin     AddDate:2014-07-30

Whether it be a paint spraying machine or paint spraying machine, automatic spray equipment, wooden door or manual spray paint, all need to use the airbrush, but how to deal with before using the spray gun?

On general bought new gun usually coated with anticorrosive oil, must be cleaned before use. Remove the nozzle, put a cup of clean of thinners. After this cup thinners used can keep dedicated to cleaning effect. Carefully remove the grease of the nozzle and other parts of the thread and metal debris. In a paint glass into half a cup of warm soapy water, then install to the spray gun, shaking with clean paint cup and siphon. Spray gun out soap and water, washing gun internal piping. Finally, with lacquer thinners or alcohol washing off the dirt from the soap water to wash not to drop. Normal use spray gun spray paint, remember to bring gloves, breathing apparatus and operation in a well-ventilated place.

Especially the spray gun, automatic spray equipment use must pay attention to use the oil to clean up, before more should pay attention to clean after use. Spray gun is good or bad will directly affect the big to a paint spraying machine after spraying effect and quality.

Note: the experience of the painters can be less as possible thinners or solvent spray gun to clean clean. Whether it is sprayed with lacquer or water-based paint spray gun, with 1 oz thinners or water can be cleaned up. Directly spray gun out very waste thinner, thinner to clean the nozzle should be changed to tear down the nozzle with a soft brush after cleaning in the thinners. After repeated washing several times to save paint dry cup and pelvic. Many times after cleaning, used for cleaning of thinners can become very dirty and not be able to use, remember not to abolish the thinners directly into the sink or thrown to the outside. If thinners not waste a lot of, is the best way to make it natural evaporate, or also can spray paint to use fan make its rapid evaporation. Must be careful not to let the flammability thinners evaporation gas accumulation overmuch in enclosed space, in order to avoid fire explosion.